Located in Prairie Shores, Chicago, Illinois, the site was once fully planted with trees. White oak, black locust, red cedar, eastern white pine, and black walnut harvested for the pure use of building a resourceful community. This specific program is about healing.

A journey through four types of consciousness-

Observatory | Visual

Acupuncture | Release

Sensory deprivation | Subconscious

Meditation | Breathe

The form correlates to the human body. Playing with the transition and relationship of Interior and Exterior, Mental and PhysicalBy having an exterior shell representing our exterior facade, the interior shell is our internal emotions, morals, and goals.

The five Koshas

1. Physical body or Annamaya kosha

2. Energy body or Pranamaya kosha

3. Mental body or Manomaya kosha

4. Wisdom body or Vijnanamaya kosha

5. Bliss body or Anandamaya kosha

This layered onion effect represents the different levels of the human body. In the end, an awakening arises. Becoming more aware of emotions, people, and the surroundings as a whole. These four healing experiences are to think on a deeper level, comprehend feelings and emotions. This is for us to take a moment to reflect. 

From the land bridge, step into the Observatory. This is the first disconnection from the real world. Look and stare into the innocent, dreaming forest below. The forested site. The elevated paths, the second disconnection, within the treescape to reach the different types of healing.

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