Using architectural design as a way of thinking to explore the subconscious and the subjective.  Researching to understand something that is intangible through visceral interpretation. These are meant to seem relatable yet having the viewer continuously asking questions. What is this? Is it floating, landing, or taking off? Was this in a dream? There are multiple framing perspectives that the audience can have. Is it in plan, elevation, diagrammatic, or section? In this world of reality vs fantasy, seeing it as, “a lot of small satellites that build my personal galaxy.” (Ibai Acevedo) There is a sense of an alien language that, in the future, will possibly be decoded.

Human | Humans and the object have a relationship but are tentative on if they can live harmoniously

Form | Their language. An abstraction of the object

Energy | Main renewable energy source that is able to repair object. Can be gas, liquid, or solid. It’s a resource that is attained from the planet

Fibers | Used for attachment qualities

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