House In Forest Submission

Definitely Not Architecture (Eli Liebenow & Cameron Kursel)

This artificially forested area is ripe for the possibility of Architectural intervention. The conditions of the site include the presence of an unrelenting grid system of trees and seasonal flooding of up to 15 feet. With these site specific challenges questions arise 1. From the site’s natural inputs, what is the architectural output? 2. How can architecture be a living organism within this synthetic forest? 3. What does human domesticity look like when in a foreign environment?

The primary occupant of the site is a botanist who studies and learn from the synthetically structured plant-based environment. The researcher is placed into this forest of purity surrounded by spindly trunks and thick foliage. Translating that into a dwelling generates a form that is simultaneously out of place yet trying to fit in. This new creature of the forest wants to understand and not harm. The architecture is awkwardly awaiting its acceptance into the forest.

In order to encourage the act of observation, the structure sits above the seasonally flooded ground. Gold oxidized zinc panels shield from any outside force while giving it a distinct character. The interior is crafted primarily from locally harvested wood. Flexibility within the small space becomes possible with a curtain system that caters to the occupants wants and needs. Additionally, changes in floor height signify different spaces while also doubling as secret storage space. The most intimate space is the bedroom, which is lofted within the cylindrical light well. With mitigating environmental impact, solar panels are installed for an energy source, water is collected and stored for reuse, and the stack effect is used for ventilation.





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