It’s All About the Legs

2019 House In Forest Submission Definitely Not Architecture (Eli Liebenow & Cameron Kursel) This artificially forested area is ripe for the possibility of Architectural intervention. The conditions of the site include the presence of an unrelenting grid system of trees and seasonal flooding of up to 15 feet. With these site specific challenges questions arise 1. From the […]

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What’s the Safe Word?

2019 Refworks “9^3 Squares” Submission Definitely Not Architecture (Eli Liebenow & Cameron Kursel) Sex is a poorly taught subject in western culture; yet, our exposure to sexually explicit content is continually increasing through the media and the internet. We are a hyper-sexualized but sexually-repressed society. With this sexual overexposure, we must usher an area of Sex Positivity and […]

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Dreaming Milwaukee

2018 Inspired by “Photographs Taken at One-Hour Intervals During a Walk from Galveston Island to the West Texas Town of Marfa” by Joshua Edwards This project embodies an act of discovery every ten minutes from 9am to 9pm with a 35mm film camera, two rolls of Velvia slide film, and a pair of legs. Resulting […]

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