Placed in frames as if the new derived drawings were pieces of art in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim. Deconstructing a scene from the film The International analyzed and drawn using a set of rules:

  1. Lines moving across X-axis = protagonists (Blue squares)
  2. Lines moving across Y-axis = antagonists (Solid Black rectangles)
  3. Intersection moments = tension or conflict between the protagonist and antagonists
  4. Moments of reveal = highlighted scenes in which the protagonists appear (Textured grey with at least one side not bound from the red perimeter)
  5. Moments of the unknown = side narratives that aren’t seen from our point of view or out of focus information (Voids in red perimeter)

Following these rules with shapes, color, and texture, constructed a newly symbolized perspective. Having the same effects as in film, foreground, middle ground, and background force the drawing from 2d to 3d.

In collaboration with Noah Monty