Ode to Estabrook Park

2018  In collaboration with Noah Monty and Professor Jasmine Benyamin extraSTAGECRAFT is a design + build studio started with the creation of a narrative about our site along the Milwaukee River – Estabrook Dam in Shorewood, Wisconsin. The narrative and three objective terms drove the design of the film installation. The Estabrook Dam was the […]

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Emotional Stimulation

2017 Focusing on the five senses from the user and audience, this viewing device acts as an inverted representation of the user’s personality. Instead of thoughts and emotions existing on the interior of the body, it is reversed. The outside emotions are expressive with a diversity of colors, textures, and geometry to energize the sense. […]

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2018 Sample is an architectural journal published by students of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. This first publication participates in the discussion of strange, unusual, innovative, and creative solutions to architectural problems of our contemporary era. These pages are a product of hours of student work, including […]

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Dreaming Forest

2017 Located in Prairie Shores, Chicago, Illinois, the site was once fully planted with trees. White oak, black locust, red cedar, eastern white pine, and black walnut harvested for the pure use of building a resourceful community. This specific program is about healing. A journey through four types of consciousness- Observatory | Visual Acupuncture | […]

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