University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Freshman residential hall

Early in the morning
Just trying to let the sun in
And open up my eyes
As it’s getting later
Heading for the corner
Already running dry”
– Viceroy by Mac Demarco

“All this time I was just running around
A beautiful mind between those eyes
I wasn’t looking, but oh I found
A gap in the clouds, the sun comes out
We’ll stay up all night make you feel alright
Oh life, oh life
Oh, I’ve been dancing for quite a while
It’s cold out but those blue eyes they smile”
– Gap in the Clouds by Yellow Days

“She asked me how to be funny
But that’s not something you can teach
What seemed so blue in the sunlight
By the night was a pale green”
– Pretty Boy by TV Girl

“Looking out, watching the leaves falling in
And it was something like a dream
Wow so perfect, couldn’t talk to me
Time moves slow
When you’re all alone
And the time moves slow
When you’re out on your own
And the time moves slow
When you’re missing a friend”
-Time Moves Slow by BadBadNotGood (Feat. Sam T. Herring)

“As the sun sets on Sunset
It reflects against a can wet with condensation
His baby left
She’s going back to school again
And learning fifty ways to kill the conversation
‘Cause if you can’t be good
You drink in the name of art
And as the sun sets on Sunset again
The stars come out so it don’t get dark
On the king of Echo Park”
– King of Echo Park by TV Girl

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