Emotional Stimulation


Focusing on the five senses from the user and audience, this viewing device acts as an inverted representation of the user’s personality. Instead of thoughts and emotions existing on the interior of the body, it is reversed. The outside emotions are expressive with a diversity of colors, textures, and geometry to energize the sense.

The plethora of materials and triangulated shapes rest sharply on the head and shoulders of the user, highlighting the awkwardness of the inverted emotions. Speaking within the device causes the user to hear their own voice echo, encouraging silence. Sight is limited and suggested through one empty hole. Additionally, the wearer’s face is hidden from the audience, eliminating preconceived notions of the user. The enclosed space traps air exhaled from the user’s mouth, eventually transforming the interior smell. The user soon realized they must rely on the new set of stimuli to guide the way.


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