House of Follies


House of Follies – Ragdale Ring 2018 Submission

Eli Liebenow, Quincy Drane, SARUP Chair Mo Zell, and Marc Roehlre

Microhousing redefines domesticity and challenges design ideas for both the designer and the user. The relatively modern way of designing/living has challenged the idea of space and fosters the creation of small multifunctional spaces to live, work, and play. For a deeper understanding, our research included filtering through the limited, scholarly work written and investigating precedents of different focus (i.e. community impact vs design initiatives). To gain more information, we expanded our research to ideas of living in small spaces. With our mentor, we challenged the notion of microhousing units working alone and tandem with another unit in a community. Understanding the different possibilities of human interaction became our focus. Using the information gathered, we aim to contribute the knowledge of microhousing and offer designs to future microhousing communities.

The follies work individually as well as in unison. They serve as performance stages and seating for the audience. Their program is flexible and the follies can be moved at the delight of the audience.  Following the competition, we constructed a smaller scale version of one of the follies and examined the relationship with its changing space and users.


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