What If We Have Love Instead Of Concrete


Shortlisted Submission to Combo Competition’s “Emotions, Architecture, Opioids”

Here is a place to grow. Surrounded by colors and materials that want us to be happy, confident, and balanced. It’s about feeling free from judgment. The plan consists of a Reception Area, Clinical Areas, Administration Spaces, and Building Support Rooms.

When you look out the window, what do you think about? We look at the sky. We see what color it is. How many clouds there are. Then we go lower and look at how the building is standing. Looking at where the windows are placed. We see where the sun reflects and hides. Every window has a special personality just like us. Every point of view is extremely special and important. We are trying to find structure and not wanting to feel like an outcast. These are lives that we won’t know about and that’s all we can say. No hate. Just hope that we are happy and are loved. 

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