What’s the Safe Word?


Refworks “9^3 Squares” Submission

Definitely Not Architecture (Eli Liebenow & Cameron Kursel)

Sex is a poorly taught subject in western culture; yet, our exposure to sexually explicit content is continually increasing through the media and the internet. We are a hyper-sexualized but sexually-repressed society. With this sexual overexposure, we must usher an area of Sex Positivity and Acceptance. All ethnic backgrounds, orientations, body-types, preferences, kinks, fetishes, will be held valid; clear and open communication with your partner will be a standard, and people will be encouraged to blur boundaries previously thought of as steadfast. This 16’x16′ room is a sex dungeon dedicated to the BDSM community; for, despite being taboo, upholding a high standard for sex positivity, openness, and communication.

3^9 Square-Def_Not_Arch-01

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